Leadership for me
is always about
making a difference

Ivo Matser
CEO of ISM University of Management and Economics


To trust people
first of all you have
to trust yourself

Bjornar Lund
CEO of DNB bank in Lithuania

Nordic leadership

Modern world is so highly interconnected that only a leader in the plural sense of the word is capable of overcoming modern challenges.

The capabilities of future leaders lies in the power of creative people being empowered by their leaders.

The principles of Nordic leadership form the basis for the studies at the ISM Executive School which builds a community of future leaders. As many as 1358 leaders have already graduated from this study programme at ISM. The model of studies at the ISM Executive School is based on the studies offered by BI Norwegian Business School, which is built on the principles of Scandinavian academic studies combined with practical business experience.

Strategy Is Not Just a Document.

I have heard ISM’s Executive Master of Management students talk inspiringly about the Strategic Management module, where they have learned from many practical examples and developed and implemented real strategies during simulation sessions; so, we will talk with the Head of this module Benas Adomavičius.

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Courage to fail and act together.

Interview on organisational psychology with Margarita Pilkienė, head of ‘Applied Organisational Psychology’ module at ISM Executive School.

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Margarita Pilkiene
Lineta Ramoniene

Organising for change.

More than half of staff in each organisation needs routine consulting. Constant external consultancy is far from being efficient. It is much more beneficial for companies to have in-house consultants from among its own staff.

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To Manage Projects Efficiently.

A discussion on project-based activities in organisations with associate professor at ISM University of Management and Economics Dr Alfredas Chmieliauskas.

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What managers could learn from the most famous conductors?

Before the harmonious composition can be created, the conductor has to hear each and everyone of the musicians playing. Listening is at the core of Nordic leadership too. We encourage to watch till the end, you are going to be surprised by the merger of the last conductor with his orchestra!

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How does leadership vary across the globe?

Josh Bershin wrote for Forbes about successful leaders being different in emerging economies from developed economies. He has outlined leaders from Nordic and Benelux countries as focused more on planning, strategy and communication, also acting as “change ambassadors” and building culture around the focus for “collective good”.

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"I would still claim that even in the difficult times for business, it is more important to actually listen first“

Bjornar LundCEO of DNB bank in Lithuania

"For me, if someone tells me what to do — it’s not leadership, it’s an instruction"

Ivo MatserCEO of ISM University of Management and Economics

Nordic leader: Bjornar Lund

Video interview